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Born to be a messenger of Presence

Jason was born in the USA and grew up between America and Germany for most of his life. Since a young child he had always felt a strong sense of greatness and purpose calling for him. For many years he couldn't understand what direction his inner knowing was going to lead him into, but he was always certain that his life was destined for a greater mission he had to fulfill.

At the age of 12 Jason began to write and direct his own plays. He also played the main lead and continued to explore his passions in theatre for several years. He studied directing at the London Drama Centre and was living an artistic life in writing and directing.

He always felt to be on a spiritual jounery, but his life changing moment of awakening happend while reading 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. He recognized his essential nature as a human being to be Presence itself and ever since he felt a strong urge to share his spiritual being and wisdom with people around the world through his presence and love.

"There seems to be a beginning and an end for the body I experience, but my soul feels so much older than this body can ever become."